Battle royale laser tag

Premium rental laser tag system

After years of experience building laser tag equipment, LaserMaxx Lasergames now presents Mantiz: the first premium laser tag system to feature the highly popular Battle Royale gamemode! Featuring a extraordinary robust gun with a well-thought-out design, Mantiz is able to shoot 275 meters in broad daylight. Perfectly suited for rental purposes. Simply accept rental bookings, distribute the Mantiz guns to the excited players and enjoy all the benefit of having first-rate features all packed in one single laser tag system.

Battle royale laser tag

Player app

The Mantiz is fully controlled by the player's own smartphone. By downloading the Mantiz app, players will be able to create or join games, track stats and rank up the global leaderboards. Through the settings, players can adjust all available game parameters like the Battle Royale range, team colors, ammo, lives and more. The smartphone will control all sounds, all effects and all game parameters directly through the app making Mantiz a comprehensive, easy-to-use and flexible laser tag system.

Battle royale laser tag

Thrilling game modes

Play the most thrilling game modes at any time and at any place. Choose from easy-to-start traditional game modes or create your very own, unique game styles. Change or add safezones, power-up locations, team styles, battle royale range and even gun accuracy and make your perfect game style. Whether you are hosting laser tag for children's birthday parties or experienced gamers, Mantiz makes sure you can make every single laser tag experience unique and excited beyond belief.


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